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From the island of Maui in Hawaii, Lava Domains buys and sells hard to find, SEO friendly, exact-match, GEO-match, and Brandable domain names.

We specialize in searching the internet for great domain names. The names you want at affordable prices.  We focus on top level .COM addresses offering built in SEO metrics, exact match and GEO-match high volume search terms, and Brandible qualities. A high percentage of our portfolio consists of previously registered domain names that have recently become available, some for the first time in twenty years, and may not become available again for many more years to come, if ever. Secure your domain today to start building your business around, or point it to your existing site for immediate traffic resulting in more sales.

If you don’t see the name that you’re looking for in our portfolio contact us to see if we can help find it for you.

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Haleakala Crater Maui Hawaii

What’s the deal with .COM domain name prices?

Type any commonly used single word .COM dictionary term that you can think of into the search bar for available internet domain names. What are the results?  Taken. Taken but might be for sale. Taken and for sale for $25,000, or some other high dollar amount. Try another word and you will get the same results. That is the climate today for .COM internet domain names.  Why is that? The answer is clear and simple-supply and demand.  There is a shortage of desirable one word domain names available. Starting just before the turn of the century some forward looking speculators …