What’s the deal with .COM domain name prices?

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Type any commonly used single word .COM dictionary term that you can think of into the search bar for available internet domain names.

What are the results? 


Taken but might be for sale.

Taken and for sale for $25,000, or some other high dollar amount.

Try another word and you will get the same results. That is the climate today for .COM internet domain names. 

Why is that?

The answer is clear and simple-supply and demand. 

There is a shortage of desirable one word domain names available. Starting just before the turn of the century some forward looking speculators realized the potential of the internet and the relation of domain names needed to access it. At a time when registrations only cost a few dollars they scooped up thousands and thousands of commonly used names amassing huge portfolios that would someday be in demand and worth millions.

Today, when short, single word .COM domains such as Apple or Amazon for instance see the light of day, they are bartered and bid upon by well funded start-ups, or savvy domain investors who are paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars to acquire those same names in hopes of reselling them at a significant profit to maximize the return on their investment.

Where does that leave everyone else? 

Leaning on the power of SEO metrics, exact-match and GEO-match high search volume combinations of key words is where. Companies with single word Brandible generic names have to spend a boatload of money teaching customers to make a connection between their name and what they are actually selling. Whereas having a website name that a customer would naturally type in the search bar brings them directly to you. 

As an example, let’s say you live in the arctic and need help landscaping your home. What would you search for?

“Arctic+landscaping” or some variation of those two words is what the average person would type in the search engine browser. Predictive text will even take them one step closer by suggesting the most likely search term on that subject. That’s the domain name you want. That’s how you will compete. By choosing a .COM domain name that’s an exact-match to what you do, who you are, and where you do it. 

Now go back and do another search for domain name availability based on those criteria. Chances are much higher that a version of the name you want is available, or at least for sale at a price significantly more reasonable and within your budget.

And by the way, as of this writing, arcticlandscaping.com is still available!


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